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Social media can turn a customer database into an active community of repeat sales, personal referrals and ambassadors for your business.

What we can do:
  • Working with our clients, we follow a long established market research structure to analyse and describe their  target market of potential buyers.
  • We identify the common denominators of information which this market likes to ‘consume’ and the social media (if any) they prefer to use.
  • We can set up a social media account(s) on the most popular social media and customize the design to your preference.
  • We can set about a structured process of linking, connecting and following people in your target market.
  • And we can advise you on the optimal timing, tone and content of the intelligence and opinions you share with them.

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LinkedIn Company Pages


If your clients are companies or people working in corporate professions,  then LinkedIn is the location to build connections and spread your message. It’s not just a career tool.

Have a look at one LinkedIn’s latest videos to get a feel for what it can do for companies>>

If you think that LinkedIn, or other social media, will help to build your client network, and you would like some assistance, we can help. Contact us now for a quick discussion of your requirements: | +447941767010



Be Interesting. Be Relevant. Be Original. Be Yourself.

Social media activity using platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook etc. should produce information and messages reinforcing your expertise, plus a more informal view of your opinions, your personal interests and achievements. We can help.

Before you can promote your services over social media, you need to have the attention of your target market. To get this attention you should be talking about things that your customers are interested in; about topics which are timely and topical.  Whatever social media activity you undertake and whatever content you produce, it should aim to gain and hold their interest. Being active on social media means that your potential customers will also get to know you without having to meet you. When it comes to them having a need for your services, they may already feel comfortable giving you a call.

In order to do this, you need to;

  1. know what activities your customers are interested in reading about, discussing, taking part in.
  2. if you share the same interests, get involved, so they can see that you already demonstrate an affinity with them.

An elementary word of warning before you start mountain climbing or choral singing: don’t adopt an interest unless you truly love it. The resounding success of relationship marketing is based on authenticity: the fakers always get found out (and even if they are hugely talented, they’re forever tainted as being a bit odd). In any case, life’s too short to be doing something that holds no interest, purely to gain favour from someone else. Your choice. Our view: start light.


twitter[2]Twitter Snapshot:

Proof of success:  Twitter accounts managed by Aldbury Ash (at 18 March 2013):

    • have gone from zero to 4,715 total followers in 6 months.
    • Followers are real people, not bots. We don’t spam, we do post relevant content, and we do personally respond to all mentions, re-tweets and direct messages.
    • Since Feb 17 2013 the followers of our tweets have clicked on 3,447 of the 5,127 links we have posted – roughly speaking, we are running clickthroughs equivalent to 73% of follower numbers and 67% of all the links we have posted. This high level of interaction of people with our tweets presents good opportunities or our clients to follow up.
    • And our clients do follow up! We have provided them detailed reports on followers which have resulted in real new business – business which would have passed them by without this new activity. Since January one client has generated thousands of pounds in new fee income, simply through being present and active in social media, set up and managed by Aldbury Ash.

Contact us now for a quick discussion of your requirements: | +447941767010

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